DSC_6788Indelible/ Inedible (In gratitude for In-Possible things) 2015. Photo Hans Spiegelaar.

“There’s been magic here. Scale and composition and process, and the body of a performer and the bodies of the audience, have come together to make something and nothing, both huge and almost invisible.”
Adam Stone about You are Kind of Like a Hairy Stranger I Know.



2020  Meaning/Mattering, WeMove Studio, Mullumbimby, Australia (research phase).

2019  Positioning Practices, WeMove Studio, Mullumimby, Australia (research phase).

2018  Blue, (performance/ video/ installation), AADK, Blanca, Spain.

2016/17  Dances for Whales,Amsterdam/ Harvey Bay, Australia.

2016  Come Fort, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam (research phase).

2016  Welcome to The Gild, ITS Festival, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2016  Welcome to The Gild, Ufer Studios, Berlin, Germany.

2016  Welcome to The Gild, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015  Indelible/Inedible (In Gratitude for In-possible things), Veem Theater for Performance, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2015 You are Kind of Like a Hairy Stranger I Know, Flare International Festival of New Theater, Manchester, England.

2014  SLURCH Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunst, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2014  If. And. Or.  Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunst, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013 You are Kind of Like a Hairy Stranger I Know.  OT301 Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013  You are Kind of Like a Hairy Stranger I Know. Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunst.

2011  And then you get your fear in there. Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS), NY.
2011 And then you get your fear in there.  Occupy Broadway, NY, USA.

2010  Left, Curated Monday Night Series, Judson Church, New York, NY.

2010   Left, Movement Research Open Perform at Dance Theater Workshop, New York, NY, USA.

2010 Left,  Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY, USA. 

2010 (Keep yourself out of this), Toured in the north of Spain with Intertourdanza.

2009  (Keep yourself out of this) The Tank, New York, NY, USA.



2020 The Other Side Of The Sea, Lester Arias, Theater Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2019 DIGITAL OPERA, Niki Blomberg, Theater Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2019 The Gate, Lester Arias, Theater Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2017  Tanz Abend 4, Juli Reinartz and Theater Thikwa.

2015 Repairing the social bond, Jeremy Wade & Karol Tyminski, Sophiensaele, Berlin. 

2015 DRAWNONWARD, Jeremy Wade, HAU3 Berlin.

2012-2014 OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna. Touring.



2020 Archipelegas, Paula Montecinos, Come Together, Frascati, Amsterdam.

2019  Aftershow, Juli Reinartz and Theater Thikwa, Berlin Germany.

2019  The Sea Froth Knows Neither Pain Nor Time, Anthony Nestel & Esther Arribas, CULTURA NOVA festival, Heerlen.

2019  Archipelegas, Paula Montecinos, DAS Choreography, Amsterdam.

2018  Tanz Abend 4, Juli Reinartz and Theater Thikwa, Berlin Germany.

2018 Prelude, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

2017  Prelude, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Udine, Italy.

2017 Prelude, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Teatro Sperimentale, Ancona, Italy.

2017  Prelude, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Teatro India, Rome, Italy.

2017  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Zagreb, Croatia.

2017  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France.

2016   Prelude, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Santarcangelo, Italy.

2016  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Mozaik Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2016  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Chassé Theater, Breda, Netherlands.

2016  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Netherlands.

2016  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2016  Posthuman, Carla Behal, OT301, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2016    Posthuman, Carla Behal, Site specific performance festival, Nijmegen.

2016    till present.  Panda Express (version 2), Oneka von Schrader, SPRING DANCE, Utrecht.

2015    THE MACHINE; Orion Maxted, Theater Aan Zee, Ostende, Belgium.

2015    Panda Express; Oneka Von Schrader and Giuseppe Giampino, Frascati, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2014  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Ravenna, Italy.

2014  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Teramo, Italy.

2014    Anarchic Spiderman; Clara Saito, Het Veem Theater, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2014   Tri-In; Sabine Cmelniski, Theaterschool, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013  OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Melkweg theatre, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013   OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Exister festival, Milano, Italy.

2013   OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Festival Niuwe West, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013   OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, Kikker theatre, Utrecht, Netherlands.

2013   OOOOOOOO, Giulio D’Anna, De Internationale Keuze, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2013   OOOOOOOO; Giulio D’Anna, Civitanova Alta, Italy. 

2013   Group Piece; Hisako Horikawa, Frascati Theater, Amsterdam.

2013   I’ve Been Waiting For You; Jija Sohn, Theaterschool, Amsterdam.

2012  People Watch Project, Silco Dance, Outdoor installation, NY, USA.

2011  A series of introductions, Silco Dance, Theater 80 New York, NY, USA.  

2011  Mud! The Musical, By Scott Lyons, NY, USA.

2011  Salad of the Bad Cafe; Choreography by Cj Holm/Creature Theater at FLICfest, Irondale Theater Brooklyn, NY, USA.                                                                       

2010  The Painted Bird: Bastard (Part I); Choreography by Pavel Zustiak, Abrons Art Center.

2010  Etude-this diagonal longing, Choreography by Cj Holm /Creature Theater at Movement Research, Judson Church, NY, USA.

2009  Sorry, Choreography by Cj Holm/Creature Theater at Movement Research Open Perform, NY, USA.                 


2018  May and June resident at AADK, Centro Negra, Blanca, Spain.

2018  Recepient of the European Cultural Foundation’s STEP Travel Grant.

2016  Recepient of support from the Jan Kassies Fonds.


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