LEFT (in progress). 2010


A collaboration and performance by: CJ Holm, Jeremy Olsen and Tiana Hemlock-Yensen with the help of Milvia Pacheco.
Directed by Tiana Hemlock-Yensen.
Made possible by Movement Research’s Monday Night Series.
Music: Daft Punk is Playing at My House, LCD Soundsystem and Singing in the Rain, Gene Kelly.

That was my beginnings of an experiment.

This was my proposal.

What are the many meanings of the word left? What does the left mean when applied to the sides of our brain, to emotions, to hands, to movement? How can we place ourselves spatially, directionally, contextually using the different meanings of Left? And what does the stewing of these concepts together look like?
I am curious to integrate bodies into text or equations as the left side of the brain is said to be “worked” more while doing these activities. How many bodies does it take to…? Does text change the experience of a piece by drawing us back to our left side of the brain?
Left as in left overs intrigues me with possibilities of the many discarded or recycled materials that are made accessable by this interpretation of the word. In particular I am interested in newspapers as they condense what are often emotionally charged and inexplicable events (dance being one of them) into statistics and information.
And when we’re done there is nothing Left. In the absence of anything lies the unknown and new understandings. What wasn’t seen? What is there in the space when we leave it? What was left over from before?

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