If. And. Or.

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Photos by Hans Spiegelaar

If. And. Or. research is about high intensity physical investment in a constant question… what do and can we mean together? And now? And now? And now?
It invests in specificity, precision and constant updating. It is an unknown repetition that we dive into as if it was our favorite move, a cycle like a spiral that continues to loop but never repeats. We constantly refer and infer and differ meaning to the other, knowing that in each moment with each small shift we come to mean something different together.
This research was started with the collaboration of Oneka von Schrader, Riccardo Guratti and Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen, with advice from Aitana Cordero and Kenzo Kasuda and Supported by the Theaterschool, Amsterdam. 

“A performative understanding of discursive practices challenges the representationalist belief in the power of words to represent pre-existing things. Performativity, properly construed, is not an invitation to turn everything (including material bodies) into words; on the contrary, performativity is precisely a contestation of the excessive power granted to language to determine what is real.”
Karen Barad

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