Blue 2018

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Stop motion video and performance installation produced by AADK Spain and supported by the European Cultural Foundation. Exhibited and performed at Centro Negra, Spain.

Blue is a work in progress, a healing practice and self dj-ing performance set in multi layered virtual worlds  where images of what is, what could be and the remnants of what was exist together, flickering back and forth in continual edit mode.

What is captured? What is left out? How does seeing something or imagining it effect the neural pathways and the ideas of what is and isn’t possible? Imagining being healthy, being alien, being dead, being pieces, being whole, being other, being multiple, being object, flesh, bones, form, person. 

I go living and dying between virtual and actual spaces. Capturing, recapturing and fragmenting our images. The virtuosity is in imagination, in the effect that the virtual spaces open up for becoming in directions otherwise uncharted. 

Editing/ Concept and Installation: Tiana Hemlock-Yensen
Photography: Clara J:son Borg and Josman P
Production: AADK Spain and EFC STEP Travel Grant

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