Welcome to The Gild 2016

“This “absurd tutorial” has clearly sometheing to say, makes you think and is an invitation to a greater experience.” ITs Festival jury 2016, Amsterdam.

We Val-U! $hit strategies for beginners!
A complex system for undoing OR the next big thing to get flushed?

This work is an experiment in deep investment in the superficial. It is a stealing practice (of mythologies, dances, exercises, cultural signifiers). It is a disappearing practice. It is a naming, renaming and un-naming practice. It is deadly serious and seriously silly.
The piece asks the questions of “How do we produce value?” and “Can we become gold?”

Metallic gold is one of the only metals that has no chemical interaction with the body, it has no taste, provides no nutrition and passes through us like we were hollow, there is no interchange, merely a movement in space. What if we could learn from this, learn the process of total coexisting non interaction? We could become pure movement, nothing and everything. Always different and indifferent.

Economy as defined by Jan Ritsema is “All that is exchanged between people. It is what people produce, or, better, it is the movements between people, whether these movements stink or smell good—for it to be economical, its quality is of no importance.” The ideas behind the practices of “Gilding” are investing in the useless and disgusting and the beautiful all at the same time. It is generating practices for believing in anything or maybe everything and thus producing and continually negating value itself.

Welcome to the Gild is a non-moralistic diagnostic tool for trying to negotiate the complex economies and narratives that drive the current situation both in theater and in the world. It is a locating device that doesn’t know where it is.

Performed by: Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Tea Teearu, Alondra Castellanos and Tiana Hemlock-Yensen.
Advised by: Katerina Bakatsaki and Andres Novo.
Choreography & Concept: Tiana Hemlock-Yensen.
Lighting: Koen van Oosterhout.
Produced by SNDO at Frascati Theater, Amsterdam.

Welcome to The Gild was nominated to be part of the ITs Festival for new theater makers 2016.

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