Indelible/Inedible (In Gratitude for In-possible things)

Indelible_Inedible D
Photo Hans Spiegelaar.

“Indelible/ Inedible is like a good horror novel or a lovely nightmare, disrupting time and exciting in its predictability.”

Indelible/ Inedible (In Gratitude for In-possible things) is a quartet for three femmes, a large piece of plastic and at least four kilos of chewing gum. The work deals with the impossibility and at the same time implicity of reciprocity in theater, with strangeness, obsession, perversion, taste and texture. I/I is the creation of an initiation in which belief and fantasy help us celebrate things that were enjoyed but can never be returned to, yet leave traces. We honor things that persist even though we would rather they disappear. How do we salute things that won’t leave us alone and are unprocessable? Like the gum on your shoe or your last relationship or late capitalism or the many current crisis that we face at this moment in time.
It is labor, a chain of processes that can never dissipate the object of process but serve to constantly change it’s shape during production = alchemy.
It is everything to us, it is nothing.
We are cleaning the dirty spaces and dirtying the clean ones, we don’t know which ones are which and yet we continue.

New performance dates anounced soon.

Originally performed and created with: Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen, Hella Vanhemelrijk, Tatiana Matveeva.
Concept & Choreography: Tiana Hemlock-Yensen
Advised by: Aitana Cordero
Lighting: Koen van Oosterhout
Produced by SNDO at Veem House for Performance


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