Measuring Chorus (research phase)


For the last two months I have been living at a residency space called Centro Negra, a vibrant, process oriented, artist run residency space in in Blanca, Spain where I’ve had the pleasure of working on my own and collaborating with other artists.
As part of “Dia de los Museos” (museum day) I expanded on some research that I have been working on. This research relates to the vibration of sound through bodies, human and otherwise as a continual unknowing and discovering of both internal and external spaces. It is a kind of measuring device with which I am testing and probing relationships between things, for sensing materialities and their possibilities.
Here I am performing with Tamara Ascanio who performance and sound artist from the Canary Islands.
This research will become a full length work in 2019.

Here is a link to a small teaser of some small clips from this showing.
Video by Dani Hernández Torres.


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