The cracks



One day, free writing and feeling fairly Dr. Seussian out tumbled the following…


Arching mountains with tusks held high,
feet in the earth, wind in the sky.
Head banging pigeons bash out their blues
While under the bridges there are songs to be used.
Sing us a puppet with ears made of gold,
so it can listen until we are old.
Sing us a shipment of elegant tea,
for the times we are sitting here, just you and me.
And sing me a miracle, no matter how small,
to smile through the rubble and rubbish, and all;
to sip my own juices with delicate grace,
to delight in the tears that fall down my face,
to expect the simple and silly and raw
and to know that it’s all hiding right under my claw.
I wait for nothing, Nobody does.
Nobody is always a genius because
She is always out on the infinite edge,
just out of the spotlight or under the hedge.
See Nobody knows things that bodies cannot,
she knows more than a little, which is fairly a lot.
She sits and she sways like the swing of a vine,
tangling things up with twinning and twine.
She will steal your soul and maybe your purse
But she won’t steal your body, and maybe that’s worse.
Yes, the ache of a body is not something new,
though it has it’s own peace in it, sometimes, that’s true.
And here on the ground by the mud and the leaves
there is a small bag that is covered and heaves
and in this small bag there was something before,
we will never know what, and of that I’m sure.
The eyes of the sky then grew silently dim,
and looked through the clouds at the proverbial “him”.
They looked very closely through as if to say:
“Nothing that is here ever can stay.”
The calm broke the storm and the storm broke the branch,
and the branch broke my foot and my foot broke and ant,
And the ant broke the silence, so sweet and so dim,
and opened a space that all could fall in.
The and made a crack in the world as we know it
with it’s voice so little that radios won’t show it.
But the crack was enough to let the light in,
and it shone on for miles, an uncontrollable grin.
The sky rolled it’s eyes and the ground gave a shudder,
the joy similar to a free boat with no rudder
And just in that moment I looked up to say:
“Hello, pleased to meet you. And have a nice day.”
And then you were gone and my heart was a flutter,
flapping around like… strawberries… in butter,
and the flap of the strawberries woke me with a start,
the sunshine was pouring right out of my heart.
The sunshiny crack had opened anew
So I said: “Hey again, how do you do?”
And I knew in this moment that all would be fine
so I asked you around for tea for some other time.

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